Online Chinese Classes via ZOOM

Who Says Learning Has to Stop When Time is Short?

Suitable for Learners who are

  • Affected by the big environment and having physical lesson is made difficult
  • Busy, always on the go and always connected wherever you are
  • Want to learn from the comfort of your home & save travelling time
  • Passionate about learning and want to learn anywhere anytime
  • Want to have a wonderful learning experience of integrating multimedia with knowledge
  • Interact and pick up handy & interesting Chinese with our friendly native speaker trainers

Advantages of Online Chinese Lessons

  • Use technology & multimedia to enhance our learning
  • Safe, convenient and save travelling time
  • Won’t have to miss a class even if travelling
  • Lessons can be recorded for make up or revision
  • Focused learning without distractions
  • After lesson notes sharing in soft copies
  • Just as fun & effective
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Preview A Short Sample of Online Chinese Lesson

In this video, our trainer Zhang Laoshi (teacher) is teaching location words to the students:

  • 上 shàng = above
  • 下 xià = below
  • 左 zuǒ = left
  • 右 yoù = right
  • 前 qián = front
  • 后 hoù = back
  • 里 lì = inside
  • 外 wài = outside

Instructions for Joining ZOOM Lessons

After you’ve officially enrolled into our course, we will be sending you all the information needed to join the online lesson via ZOOM.

Textbook & all learning materials will be posted to you once payment is made.

We will guide you step-by-step on the process. It is very easy!

When you are having lesson, our IT staff will be standing by in case you need help.

Lessons can be recorded (upon request) if you cannot make it for a particular class.

“Elite is well equipped & very effective in carrying out lessons online. The whole online learning experience is seamless! The trainers are well trained in engaging us. Lessons are as fun as usual.”

At first, I was still quite apprehensive about learning Chinese online. After doing it for a few sessions, to my surprised, I actually found it to be as effective. The best thing is that I can save on my travelling time before and after lesson. Thank you for offering this mode of learning.

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