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  • Reputable school with proven track record for the past 11 years
  • Choice of working professionals from many MNCs & Government agencies
  • Effective and results guaranteed curriculum ranging from Beginner to Advanced Levels
  • Highly qualified native trainers who are good with integrating culture into language teaching & learning
  • Friendly, warm & people-centric learning environment and service staff
  • Practical content and teaching methodology from linguistic approach to ensure effectiveness

Our Satisfied Clients

“The lessons were very effective and beneficial. Within a month, I was able to speak Mandarin very smoothly and confidently. In addition, my teacher (Ms Ivy Bian) taught me all the customs and expectations of working in China. The lessons were so effective that I was able to carry out my work in China successfully during my two weeks there. I am very glad I signed up for classes with Elite.”

– Jonathan Sim

“Interesting, fun, interactive, informative, competent & friendly instructor. Set objectives at the beginning of each class. Preview of previous class could be no more than 15 minutes to give way for new lessons.”

– Donna Enriqor

“I have been learning Chinese in Elite School for almost two years. The subjects are taught in a progressive and logical way, and at a good pace. I can feel the improvement over time. The teacher is very flexible and customizes the contents and pace of the course to the students level and progress. The atmosphere is fun and very encouraging to study and participate. Beside the language lessons, parallel activities are organized to immerse deeper into Chinese culture. Highly recommendable.”

– Vicente Sancenon


“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”


Elite News

Play Board Games in Mandarin (桌游聚会)
Play Board Games in Mandarin (桌游聚会)
Elite trainer, Weina laoshi has initiated a fun & practical Board Game session in Chinese. Players must Speak Mandarin at all time while playing the games! You can have fun ...
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ELN 汉字启蒙与进阶篇培训
ELN 汉字启蒙与进阶篇培训
On the morning of Singapore school's teacher's day, Elite Linguistic Network held a very fun, engaging & enriching training session for their active trainers. The training titled: ELN 汉字启蒙与进阶篇培训 provide ...
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Happy Teacher's Day 2020
Happy Teacher’s Day 2020
Today is Teacher's Day in Singapore, have you expressed your appreciation to your teacher? There's a strong bond between our teachers and students at Elite Chinese. Our students prepared a ...
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The Chinese Hardcore - BCT2178JE
The Chinese Hardcore – BCT2178JE
Victory!! Virus cannot stop us! Successfully completed Beginner Term 2! They are the Chinese Hardcore; they’ve never missed a single class at all! 全勤奖 (quán qín jiǎng) Perfect Attendance Award! ...
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