Computer-Based & Paper-Based HSK Exams

There are two different formats for the HSK exam – internet-based HSK (also known as computer-based HSK) and paper-based HSK.

Internet-based HSK is preferred by more exam participants nowadays, but not all HSK test centers have the facilities to conduct the exam in this format. In some regions or countries, only the paper-based HSK exam is offered. Click here to find out more about HSK exam.

For both formats, you need to go to an official HSK test center. Both HSK formats are identical in terms of difficulty level, test content, and assessment criteria. The only difference is that if you take the internet-based HSK, the questions will be displayed on a computer screen, and you will be asked to submit your answers using the keyboard and mouse.

Comparison Factor Paper-Based Exam Computer-Based Exam
Flexibility to Register 4 weeks before the chosen test date 10 days before the chosen test date
Test Result Waiting Time Approximately 1 month Approximately 2 weeks
Writing Section (HSK 3-6) Handwriting Typing on Computer
Test Environment Listening section usually conducted using external speakers Listening section using headphones

Common Questions about Both Formats? Follow the Link below!