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Trivelis Residents’ Network Open House

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What an incredible day at the Trivelis Residents’ Network Open House on October 7, 2023! EliteKid was both thrilled and honored to sponsor and be a part of this spectacular event, graced by the presence of an estimated 400 Trivelis residents and the distinguished Senior Minister of State for National Development and Foreign Affairs, Ms. Sim Ann. 🌟

As proud sponsors, we were not only part of a great community event but also had the opportunity to showcase our commitment to Chinese language education. 👨‍🏫👩‍🏫

📚 We proudly presented our cutting-edge Online Chinese Learning platform and an array of courses, including MOE Chinese, Sunshine Chinese, and our exciting Chinese Holiday Program. ✨

🌏 We also unveiled our newest offering, the Yunnan Cultural Tour, giving students a chance to immerse themselves in the rich tapestry of Chinese culture. 🌄

🔍 In addition, we highlighted our innovative Chinese learning tools, the Youdao Dictionary Pen and AI Interactive Readers, designed to make the language learning experience even more interactive and enjoyable. 📖💡

Thanks to everyone who visited our booth, networked, and explored the exciting world of EliteKid! 🌐🤝 Stay tuned for more enriching opportunities and language learning adventures with EliteKid. 🌈


Elite Linguistic Network also extends a warm invitation to potential partners for our Product & Program Sponsorship. Together, let’s elevate your brand while supporting innovative language initiatives. Join us in making a lasting impact on education and language learning!

ELN Trainers Welfare – UOB Lunch Time Talk & Networking Session

🗣️ Empowering conversations unfolded at the ELN Trainers Welfare – UOB Lunch Time Talk & Networking Session on October 13, 2023, at Elite @ Bugis. 🏢

💼 Many of our dedicated trainers have reaped the rewards of the workplace banking facility offered by UOB. 💳🏦 During the engaging networking session, teachers from various walks of life shared their invaluable experiences, fostering a dynamic exchange of knowledge and insights. 🤝💡

🌟 These interactions not only uplifted our trainers but also highlighted the importance of community and mutual growth. 🤗💪 It’s remarkable to see how our trainers come together to empower one another on their professional journey. 🚀


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