Chinese Cultural Workshop

Understanding Chinese’s Way of Life & Perspective

Programme Details

The Chinese Business Culture Program is specially designed to help corporations and executives in:


  Business Culture – Understand the differing cultures, values and mindset of today’s mainland Chinese under the mixed influence of its traditional culture, communism and open door policy.

  Business Socialising and Etiquette – How to build and enhance business relationships.

 The 3-hour workshop, conducted in the comfort of your office and at your preferred timing, brings you through a variety of topics of your choice, ranging from relationship building to understanding political systems, from the styles of negotiation to intellectual property rights.

By the end of the workshop, you will:



Gain insights into the historical background of China



Understand the protocols, manners and culture of China



Better interact with your Chinese counterparts by paying heed to the do’s and don’ts of Chinese business etiquette .

For the full list of topics and to learn more, request for a presentation from us.

Know the mindset, win the game!

Have you noticed a very different style when doing business with China? Do you feel bewildered when ‘yes’ actually means ‘no’? Are you struggling to figure out what will actually close the deal when negotiations seem to be running around in circles?

Doing business in China is more than just transactional business talk. It involves relationship building and trust. The Chinese people are looking to work with someone whom they can establish a long-term working relationship.

“Until 2015, China was the world’s fastest-growing major economy, with growth rates averaging 10% over 30 years.”

Sources: The New York Times, IMF.

China is no doubt progressing tremendously over the past decade. In spite of this, some age-old traditions, norms and values governing business interactions still hold strong today.

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