Youdao Corporate Sponsorship Program

During SBASA’s 2022-2023 Management Committee Members Election and AGM on 22 December 2021, Elite Linguistic Network presented the complementary full display set of Chinese<>English bidirectional Dictionary Pen 3 to SBASA’s President Mr Hung Ban Kuang. The Youdao Corporate Sponsorship Program aims to encourage Singaporean Chinese to embrace the use of Mandarin in their daily lives, and enjoy an appreciation for Chinese culture.

Elite Youdao Corporate Sponsorship Program Dictionary Pen SBASA

Youdao Dictionary Pen

The Signature product by Youdao, Youdao Dictionary Pen, functions as an AI assistant for mandarin learners to quickly Scan & Translate printed text seamlessly from Chinese into English and vice versa, check Chinese/English terms, phrases, and sentences for any language context. Youdao Dictionary Pen supports multi-media scanning, including printed papers, digital screens, wooden surfaces, etc. As the leading learning intelligence company in China with over 100 million MAU and more than ten years of expertise, Youdao Dictionary Pen is an AI translation that provides massive content of 2.75 million entries in its dictionary database, up to 98% of the accurate translation rate. Visit this link to purchase your Youdao Pen 

Singapore Bookseller and Stationers Association (SBASA)

Singapore Bookseller and Stationers Association (SBASA) were set up in 1947 with a group of booksellers and stationers that have the mission to promote mutual understanding and relationship among members in the association, to assist and be in harmony with the commercial and economic development of Singapore and the industry in the world, and to promote culture and education in Singapore and the world.

Elite Linguistic Network (ELN)

Elite Linguistic Network (ELN) is the authorized distributor in Singapore & Indonesia for Youdao Dictionary Pen by NetEase, one of China’s largest internet companies and listed on the Nasdaq in the U.S since 2000. NetEase has chosen ELN as its distributor due to its reputation as one of Singapore’s most professional & established Chinese language academies. ELN provides high-quality Business & Conversational Chinese studies to the PMETs. It is also a trusted brand by most government agencies & MNCs.