ELN “Train-the-Trainer” Day

Staying true to the belief of providing high quality & exquisite Chinese course for our students, Elite Linguistic Network (ELN ) organised an online training session for all our active trainers on 18 May 2020. In this session, our Principal, Claire Yue shared pragmatic principles of student engagement, usage of textbook & classroom handouts as well as supplementary learning resources.

Starting from Jun 2020, we will be using the revised textbook for all Beginner Chinese classes. The corresponding PPT, handouts, flashcards, textbook audios and supplementary videos have also been compiled and updated accordingly. Trainers can accessed all these practical resources from our one-stop Chinese Teaching & Learning resource page and our cloud storage platform.

As the Chinese saying goes: “三人行必有我师”*, trainers also exchange experience on their engagement with students and providing valuable advices to each other. The ELN management team and trainers had a fun, engaging and fruitful sharing session. All of them are looking forward to the next session.

* literally means if three walk together, one can be my teacher (idiom, from the Analects of Confucius). It means you have something to learn from everyone.