Cha Club 2020


  • Weekly 1 hr online revision class.
  • Add-on to your existing class.
  • Practise in a relax setting with your peers.
  • Guided by ELN teacher.
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Cha Club

Weekly 1 hr revision club

  • Affordable Revision & Extension of class learning
  • Focus on oral practices & daily conversational applications
  • Networking & have fun With your school teachers & peers


  • Self-introduction (name, age, nationality, family, occupation, preferences)
  • Telling your daily & weekly schedule
  • Buy & Sell (Using Taobao as material)
  • Kopi Time: Order in Singapore Coffee Shop
  • Order in Hawker Centre-The Local Food Must-Trys
  • Introduce people: family, friends, colleagues
  • Simple WeChat chats in Chinese
  • Telling directions in the simplest manner
  • Telling location of places
  • Describe your surroundings with location words
  • How to see a doctor in Chinese
  • My Hobby!
  • Talk about weather
  • Chinese festival series: Mid-Autumn Festival, Dragon Boat Festival, Hungry Ghost Festival, Qixi Chinese V-day, Spring Festival
  • The Trendy China Series: WeChat Pay, Unmanned Supermarket, F&B Delivery

Green Tea

$ 15

  • 1 x Cha Time

Red Tea

$ 60

  • 5 x Cha Time

Black Tea

$ 100

  • 10 x Cha Time
  • 1 welcome gift
  • S$10 off for new term enrolment with ELN


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Green Tea, Red Tea, Black Tea


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